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DNA/Liquid handling
ASP Series of Automatic Liquid Handling Systems
Date【2019-03-04 10:08】 Click:【】Times


Automatic Sample Processor Series


Addcares liquid handling and assay processing platforms are designed to efficiently automate routine sample preparation, other liquid handling task and a variety of assays in your laboratory. They are an indispensable tool to increase efficiency, throughput and safety in your lab. Lab technicians will be released from time consuming routine and freed capacity will be available for other, valuable tasks.





Complete proprietary intellectual property rights, personalized customization, and localized service

State-of-the-art parallel CAN bus and PLC intensive control technology

Exclusive sporadic sample detection mode, achieve automatic selection of the sample

Software interface and equipment run and refresh synchronously and display operating status visually

The system arranges item scheduling automatically and reasonably and achieves synchronous operation of different items and different batches of experiments

Unique real-time aspirating head loose monitoring function

Intelligent automatic operation protection system

Open sampling platform, can be customized according to user needs


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