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POCT CLIA Analyzer
Fully Automated POCT CLIA Analyzer (TS60A/ TS120A)
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ODM Welcome tailored to your need

Highest accuracy and precision

Convincing performance

Compact benchtop design

Intuitive 10” touchscreen operation

6/12 samples in paralleI within 17 minutes

From whole blood serum or plasma



※Highest accuracy and precision fully automated chemiluminescence point-of-care testing system.

※Whole blood detection, one touch screen, easy to operate, no need centrifuge and samples delivery, reduce testing time.

※6 or12 parallel pipetting channels, 6 or 12 quantitative analysis simultaneously, samples and items can be combined randomly.

※All reagents, buffer solutions and washing solutions are insert the reagent cartridge, water connection or drain is not necessary.

※Computer and printer are integrated, operation via touchscreen monitor.

※TS60A provides you with  the same speed whether it is multiple parameter detection of the same sample or different parameter detection for different samples.

※This unique speed brings rapid, convenient and flexible diagnostic methods to the clinic testing.

※TS60A or TS120A is the best choice for hospitals, medical office and emergency labs.


Compact and optimized mobility design, fully automated transfer the samples for pipetting, which can directly use whole blood testing.

Applied wherever fast quantitative results with full-scale lab quality provide decisive diagnostic advantages, more flexible and suitable for the emergency testing.

TS60A is also an ideal supplement for major analysis systems in the central labs.It can be tested in small quantities or in batches at any time without interfering

with the processes of routine analysis.

Sample pipetting

※6 sample positions, with the sample barcoded scanning function.

※Air displacement technology, use disposable tips eliminates any risk of cross contamination by carryover and prevents sample and reagent dilution.

※Real time tip monitoring, during tip-loading, pipetting and tip-ejection the system continuously monitors the presence and proper fixing of each tip.

※Liquid handling process monitor, include the liquid level monitoring, clot monitoring, bubble detection and tube volume monitoring.

Magnetic separation

※The magnetic particles are magnetized directly in the external magnetic field, be assembled and separated rapidly.

※Without remaining magnetic particles after the external magnetic field disappears and returns to its initial state quickly,

which can be dispersed again and be convenient for cleaning.

Reagent reaction incubator

※Keep the reliable 37℃±5℃, this allows to set the target temperature before processing.

※Integrated reagent kit for use directly without preconditioning.

Photometric reader

※TS 60A assure highest speed, reliable and accurate measurement data acquisition with PMT glow luminescence measurements.

※Control of the reader function as well as evaluation, validation and assignment of the results to the samples IDs is completely integrated

in the processing methods.

Powerful software system

※TS- 60A allow the user to configure, run and control the required assay or liquid handling procedure and manage samples and the result data.

※TS-60A generates detailed track records of the process, corresponding to the strict guidelines for electronic records. tracking instructions and

automated test process records for IVDS.

※The software provides convenient interfacing to existing LIS/HIS system through a standardized laboratory data exchange format.

※The recorded traceability data can be filtered and monitored conveniently, supports identification and elimination of irregularities in the assay process.

※Multi-calculation modes tailored:  point to point, linear regressions, polynomial regression, cubic spline, 4-parameter fit.


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